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Product Marketing Manager & science-fiction writer.
Content Marketer for 10+ years.

I love Sci-Fi in all it's kind. The closest sci-fi stuff to my life is my dreams. So that is the first thing I'm going to post on Patreon.

The second thing I care about is emotions. I mean empathy and senses. For the common view, we all have different feelings and visual associations. Sometimes you have some mood connected to a specific song or orange color make you feel the taste of oranges on your tongue. We all collect memories and create new neural connections in the brain.

It just happened to be that I have synesthesia in a few rare ways. My brains had those connections from the start. In my senses, pain and touch are colored, music and voice has colors too. Smells have shape and color, even taste has color.
My dreams have no difference to reality, you know. All feelings are included, not the way as if you're watching a movie or something. So for me, it's all more like 4D and really cool.

For me, all that sensual things are very useful in project marketing strategy and PR. Empathy is the core code for relationships with the customers and partners, for successful events and promotions.
Christina Lisowska
Ru Eng
I am currently studying accelerator Product University
on the program "Product Marketing".

Group: March-April 2019.

Продакт маркетолог

My knowledge & experience
would be useful for such companies as:
Google (Alphabet Inc) and similar creative companies
Develop products and marketing strategy of them, increasing sales
Sparkle Design, similar digital-full-service agencies and outsourcing companies
Develop marketing strategy of the company and it's products, increasing sales and generally PR development.
CD Project Red and similar game developers
Develop products and marketing strategy of them, increasing sales
Our features
If your company has the following tasks:
Search for a new product or sales channel
There is or is planned a target audience, you need a suitable product.

I will conduct a series of interviews, analytics and auditing of competitors, resources, opportunities of the company.
I will develop the product and media plan clearly under the product.
Development of marketing strategy and tactics
There is a product and a target audience, marketing is needed.

I will conduct a series of interviews, analytics and auditing of competitors, resources, opportunities of the company.
Develop and write a strategy. I will prescribe and implement tactics.
I will assemble a team of performers for the project.
Starting the corporate blog
There is a product and a desire to start a blog, you need a blog for seo to attract customers and reduce requests to support and to the sales department from the customers side.

I will conduct a series of interviews with clients, support and salespeople, determine Central Asia and prescribe a content plan, work out publication standards, editorial policy and select authors, designers and SEO.
Launch and will accompany the blog.
Dear recruiter,
if you are interested already then download my CV now!

My cases

made as part of accelerator Product University training
Case no.1

Developed a project on localization of the luxury secondhand platform on the Ukrainian market with unfair advantage in the form of experts in verifying the originality of clothing, accessories and footwear.

Primary promotion through Instagram.

Hypothesis on the rise of the average check:
+ start with event agencies and organize thematic fashion shows with models,
+ individual selection of sets and sale of sets of clothes, shoes and accessories. As Courage Bazaar, but Luxury.

Presentation here
Case no.2

Developed a product hypothesis: a mobile application to promote the ordering service of developing mobile applications on the Danish and Ukrainian market for Sparkle Design.

Mobile application for 24/7 access to the most necessary metrics and reports from different CRM, CMS and samopisny project management systems through the API.

Heads of the recruiting, sales and marketing departments I have actualized dashboards in my samforthone to control my teams and business performance in general. Thus, the productivity of work and the speed of reporting to management grows 3-5 times.
Promotion of the application through Facebook and Instagram advertising, articles on Habrhabr, DOU, AIN and Danish news IT sites.

Presentation here
Case no.3

Developed a hypothesis of a new product based on the existing core AI, which can analyze the behavior of a person on the network and smartphone.

I planed everything from the unit analysis to the primary promotion strategy.

The client accepted the hypothesis of the Mental Health App and suggested engaging with the existing FreudMe project and its content strategy.

Presentation is in here.
Case no.4
Humanteq and own project

Development and launch:
+ your expert blog on Patreon,
+ PM presentations at Tilda (here),
+ an interview plan on AI in marketing and social engineering,
+ profile on AngelList,

In work:
Development marketing campaign for the period 3 quarter 2019 - end 2020 for the product Humateq.

My projects

made before training on the accelerator course Product University
King's Choice (recruitment agency)
Account manager & Marketing.

Reorganized workflow with the customers.

Trained parallel recruitment team to use Cleverstaff and CRM system.
Created templates for recruitment and sales processes.

Organized and conducted after-sales.

Planned marketing and helped with the restructuring of the company.

Expppand (content-marketing agency)
Strategic marketer and mentor.

Did the strategy consulting for The Fedoriv to reach german market.

Organised CRM workflow, restructured job with other clients in process.

Successfully closed one contract with the client.
(saas project management system)

Content Marketing Chief.

I developed a blog from scratch to stable top-10 positions in seo by relevant keys.

Assembled a team of writers and designers.

Interviewed clients-owners and consultants for articles.

Hi dear friend,

Nice to meet you and start chatting today.

Classic contacts:
+38063 332 0627

If you are interested in talking to me live, let's make an appointment at Google Calendar.
If you have a project for me, press the button and describe it to me in the Telegram!
I have the project!
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